As all teachers know S.T.E.M is massive in schools at the moment, that’s why Education By Magic in 2016 developed our very own S.T.E.M show to educate and amaze children in this subject.

As S.T.E.M & C.I.T.B ambassadors, Education By Magic will show how S.T.E.M can be used to create magic, inspire pupils and show how S.T.E.M is useful in any career. Our 40 minute presentation will show how amazing magic can be created by using even the most basic of S.T.E.M principles.

Two different shows are available for different ages :5 – 7 year olds and 8-12 year olds.

  • REMEMBER ( the trick )
  • UNDERSTAND ( how it’s done )
  • APPLY ( the method )
  • ANALYSE ( effectiveness )
  • EVALUATE ( the performance )
  • CREATE ( their own performance )

Not only a great way to build confidence but fantastic inspiration to continue with S.T.E.M subjects.

Digital literacy, Algorithms, Mathematics, Personal Development, Phchology, Practical work, Techniques and procedures, Investigations, Demnstations and Science.

We also forward each school a teachers resource information pack so they candiscuss, perform and further evaluate the tricks, plus many more in the booklet.

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