The EDUCATION BY MAGIC® ROAD SAFETY MAGIC SHOW has been seen by over 915,000 pupils throughout the U.K. since 2007.

It is by far the most successful road safety magic show presentation of its type anywhere in the U.K.

“The magic of road safety was a fantastic event. The children didn’t stop laughing from start to finish and learned so much along the way! I would highly recommend.”
Bronagh Lindsay, Class Teacher, St Margaret’s PS, Loanhead

The Road Safety Magic Show is available for two age groups. With each show having different elements specific to the ages.

AGES 4-8
Primary pupils have different needs for crossing safely and the show has been designed to reinforce how, where & when to cross the road. The show includes singing, movement & a more fun-filled approach.

 “80% of injured pedestrians were said to be contributing in some way to the collision, often through failing to look!”
Newham Pedestrian Study June 2015

AGES 9-15
9-15 year olds are statistically more likely to be injured on roads, One factor is that they are probably crossing on their own. So the show is a more sophisticated presentation where we reinforce that they are responsible for their own safety at this age. It ensures pupils remember how to cross the road, peer-pressure, capering & using mobile phones.
“Over a third of primary pupils surveyed said they would not use a road crossing by themselves”
Source: Churchil Road safety Analysis 2016.